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Nu’Dor is committed for the past 25 years by managing property investments as our priority.

Communities Schemes Administration is our core business.

Nu’Dor Properties CC , founded by André van Tonder in 1996, is a sectional title and home owners association services company based in Centurion.
With its “open new doors” approach Nu’Dor grew as a well-respected service provider through strong organic and word of mouth referrals. Our portfolio currently comprises schemes in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, and the Western Cape. Our portfolio is diverse and comprises residential, commercial and industrial properties.
Nu’Dor services are based on the philosophical approach of Peter F. Drucker, “The first duty of business is to survive, and the guiding principle of business economics is, not maximisation of profit, it is the avoidance of loss”

 Efficiency – effective administration
 Focus – focused management
 Accountability – on-site evaluation
 Proficiency – assisting the members of the Body Corporate;

The ultimate is to-
ensure ultimate efficiencies to deliver what is required to increase the value of each owner’s property investment.

To be acknowledged as a recognised, trusted, respected service provider and manager of consistently performing services to the investors.
To ensure that transparent and highly ethical business standards are maintained.
Providing all services possible related to property from ethical service providers.
To build a long term relationship in a sectional title scheme or home owners association.